Quick tip to save photo listing cost

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It does depend on the item, but if you can combine different angles of photo for the same item then you can save the additional photo insertion cost!

This will only work for some items, where both pictures are of the sufficient quality when viewed in your listing.

Most image display/editors will cope with this simple process. I use Ashampoo Photo Commander. It is a pain sometimes to retain the same aspect ratio, but there are pixel measurements when you do a copy/crop and using this ensures that you keep the photo(s) in the correct proportions.

It's important to state in your listing that the photo is a composite - ie more than one view of the same item - otherwise the buyer may think they are getting two or more of the same item!

If you are interested this is what I do in Photo Commander and relates to taking say the front and the back of an object.....

Take pic of front
take pic of back
in Photo Commander open up pic 2
use selection to select a regular square around the main object
copy selection
open pic 1
use selection to select a regular square about the same size as the object in pic 1 but next to it
save pic as any  name you want (I use xxxxx_duo to indicate to me its a composite)
If its not too clear that there are two photos in one (ie depending on the background and sizing), I add a red line or F (for front) and B (for back) on the actual photo (use text or red line marker)
use this as the  eBay photo.
If they are good photographs you have lost nothing but the cost of an additional photo insert


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