Quicksmart quick smart stroller pushchair pram.

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I am a bit of a pramaholic and have had my fair share of prams over the years, but The Quicksmart is my favourite by far.

Before I bought my Quicksmart I did a lot of research and compared most of the compact prams currently on the market. I had narrowed my options to the Zia, The Quinny or The Quicksmart.

The Quinny although the smallest folding didn't recline and I often saw babies and children asleep in awkward positions so after some thought I ruled it out for my daughters comfort.

The Zia looks very much like the Quinny but does have a recline, but it was as heavy as my umberella fold so I wasn't gaining anything.

Then there was the Quicksmart, it was lightweight under 6kg. It was compact, and it had a recline. There, my choice was made, and I haven't looked back. This little buggy is not for everyone it's quirky looking but if you like the look I couldn't recomend it more. Its easy to push and steer especially one handed and it is very stable as it has 4 wheels rather than the 3 of the Quinny and Zia. It's compact, it fits in my small car leaving plenty of space for shopping, it also fits neatly under tables in restaurants and unlike other prams, the Quicksmart is small and light enough to fit in the overhead storage locker of a plane, meaning it can be taken as hand luggage, so you have the pram as soon as you land and you don't have to carry a sleeping child all the way to baggage collection.

The only slight negatives are the lack of a decent shopping basket,and the slightly tricky fold mechanism, but the fold and unfold just takes practice and the basket, I just carry a large shopping bag instead. I would have the Quicksmart above all of my other prams and wouldn't swop it for the world and neither would my daughter, who loves it almost as much as I do.



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