Quinny Zapp...good but not that good!!

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Initially when the Zapp came out I absolutely hated it and thought it was the most ugly thing ever and then as time went by it sort of grew on me until eventually I was obsessed with it and had to get one.  I bought mine from the Glasgow Pram Centre and when I first started using it I was so proud to use it, it was really nice to push very smooth, lightweight and even with my 1 1/2 son in it.  But after the "honeymoon period" the novelty started to wear off and things started to irritate me.  Firstly I had to buy a universal raincover for it as the one supplied with it was just too tight and didn't give much room for Justins legs, I couldn't hang many bags on the handles (compared to the likes of MacLaren, Mamas and Papas etc) the seat does not recline so when Justin fell asleep his head would drop forward and would interupt his sleep making him grumpy so a lot of the time I found myself pushing the buggie on it's back wheels to keep him flatish( your thinking she must be a lunitic!!!) but needs must! Theres not a basket so there's a further £15 and also no good for going up steps or high kerbs.  The only time I really loved this buggie was when I was just simply to walk round town with no shopping and Justin was awake because pushing on a flat surface like a pavement or equivelent its a dream. I did like this Buggie dispite the problems and I would recommend it but perhaps for a older child(2+) and maybe if just a pushcahir to keep in the car and use on short trips.
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