Quinny Zapp the best stroller ever?

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I had the Quinny Zapp for my son from 6 months and have found it the best of the bunch. (I have tried bugaboo, Buzz, and a Maclaren stroller) 

Of course it isn't great when baby or toddler wants a nap, but even at 3 and a bit, my son still adores this stroller. As a single Parent who flies frequently this is by far the easiest stroller to take abroad and trust me, if they are that tired, they WILL sleep in it!

It really does fold and unfold easily, it is lightweight (I have carried a toddler, hand luggage, suitcase and the folded Zapp, through just about every airport in the world!) and the handles are great for shoppng bags, beach bags etc.

So it isn't built for treks or mountain climbing but really, if that's the kind of pushchair you need, don't buy a stroller! The Zapp does exactly what it says on the tin, it glides, like a dream in fact!

The best features are the fact it requires nil turning space (it spins on the spot!) which is great in shops or crowded places and is light enough to lift even with your child on board for large steps etc. Oh and it fits right upto just about every restaurant dining table I have ever come across (great when you don't have a high chair on holiday!)

It is still by far the best looking pushchair on the planet, and while only the Buzz or Bugaboo even come close, they are both far too expensive with all the accessories to be in the same league as the trusty Zapp. The wheels are fab and don't wear at all (a miracle considering the mileage my son's has done) and the fabric is easily wipeable and won't stain however much ice cream it may absorb!)

Grandad has now mastered the simple folding mechanism and really, if he can, anyone can (trust me!)

So if you are even thinking about the Zapp, just try it! As a sole source of transport for your little one it can be beaten, but as a second stroller/ holiday pushchair etc. it really is the best!


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