R.G.A reportage...please avoid at all cost! it's fake!!

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A couple of days ago (10.03.07), I was met by these two so called "Italian" guys in a supermarket car park. They looked very smart and claimed that they were coming from Birmingham NEC fashion show. They told me that they had these spare jackets from the show that they did not want to go home with. They further claimed that each one of these jackets was worth more than £600. however they said they were willing to offer all 3 for £250 in order to pay for the hired car they were driving; But i told them that I am not used to buy my clothes in a car park especially because i was not sure of the authenticity of the products (and i was right!). However, the guys convinced me that the jackets were of the HIGHEST QUALITY i could find on the market plus they were the latest fashion accessories for the 2007/2008 season! naively some minutes later i decided to withdraw a couple of hundred £s from the nearest cash machine and told them that all i had was £200. So the guys handed me a business card which had on it "alta moda italiana - R.G.A - import-export" and a bag with the 3 jackets; two black and one suede as they claimed, then they drove off! I was so excited that i picked up a bargain! To my surprise when i tried to research this brand, all I could find were links which urge people to avoid this so called R.G.A REPORTAGE make cos it is a fake version of the Armani brand and it reportedly stands for "Reportage Giorgio Armani". When i found this information my excitment soon turned into disgrace and disbelief and to add to my agony i still see people selling these RGA stuff on ebay! I just can't believe it! some sellers may be unaware or they just are ignorant pigs in which case they are acting unethically! this experience has taught me something and i hope you've also learnt something from my story. My recommendations however are to: NEVER, EVER BUY STUFF YOU NEVER HEARD ABOUT, AVOID BUYING STUFF FROM STRANGERS, AND MOST IMPORTANTLY IF YOU ARE SELLING THESE STUFF KNOWINGLY THEY ARE COUNTERFEITS THEN YOU'VE GOT NO CONSIDERATION FOR YOUR FELLOW HUMAN BEINGS AND I WONDER HOW YOU WOULD FEEL IF THE REVERSE WAS TRUE!
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