RAC Auto Windscreens - I'm still waiting after a month!

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Passenger rear door quarterlight broken by thieves in the Gerrards Cross/Uxbridge area in early Feb. 07. Issue reported to RAC Auto Windscreens 5/2/07.

Spent a very long time trying to contact them at their central phone number  with no success and at the Heathrow outlet, with a similar lack of success. Raised the issue with my insurance broker, who I asked to get RAC to text me when they arrived to fit the replacement. They didn't arrive, but I received a text asking me to contact them by phone, which again proved yet again a waste of time.

When I was next in a location for a reasonable period of time and had time to deal with the issue I was in Worcester over the weekend. I called the Worcester branch who apologized for their colleagues failure in Heathrow and said even if they couldn't fit the replacement immediately they would try to fit some perspex as a temporary measure before making the permanent replacement. They promised to call me back to arrange this. They didn't.

Knowing that I would be in Uxbridge for both the Thursday and Friday of last week on Thursday  I called the Heathrow office  and assuming that they could turn the repair around in that two day period. This time I did get through reasonably quickly! I explained the poor service that I'd received to date, that I had been waiting almost a month, but was told rather abruptly by the lady that they would ring me back when their system came back on line. I offered to provide my details anyway so that when the system came back on line they didn't have to try to get hold of me, but was told in an entirely uncompromising tone that I would be rung back. Not surprisingly again this didn't happen. After waiting and receiving no call,  I called the Edgware office instead. Edgware said they couldn't do the job, but took my details and offered to pass the job to Heathrow. After passing the job to Heathrow Edgware called me to update me and explained that Heathrow would call me within ten minutes. It didn't happen. Subsequently I called Edgware back and explained that Heathrow hadn't called. They said they'd chase them again for me and asked them to get back to me again. When Edgware called me back to confirm that they'd been in touch they were able to tell me that the job had been booked for the Friday, although Edgware didn't know when, and that Heathrow would call to confirm shortly. Again Heathrow didn't.

Without this confirmation, that (Thursday) evening I complained to the RAC's customer support team who took the details of the month long saga down. I explained that I'd be leaving the area to return to Worcester at 4:00PM the next day (Friday) and that the replacement needed to happen before then. Without any indication/confirmation from the Heathrow office, the van arrived at....guess when........ 4:00PM..... with the wrong glass.

The fitter didn't have any perspex so "secured" the window with "sticky backed plastic".  I explained to the fitter that I'd be in the same place on Tuesday (today) all day so that they could fix it properly today. He promised to take this information  back to the Heathrow depot. Not trusting that this would happen, I further called the RAC's central helpline this morning (because I have absolutely no faith in the Heathrow depot)  to remind them of what would happen and to ask them to ensure that the fitter would return to fit the right window today. Although the signal on my mobile cut off before we finished the conversation, I'd given the lady enough information to deal with my request. Again I have neither received any call from the RAC or the visit of a fitter.

RAC clearly have some fundamental issues with both their call centres/communication and specifically the Heathrow depot. I've been waiting for more than a month for the glass in my car to be replaced, but no longer. My broker has recommended another windscreen fitting company instead, who at least seem to care that I have a problem.

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