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With the fact that many radio codes that are based on serial numbers are by now well and truly cracked, there seems very little point in paying to get your code.  There are many people selling radio codes for these radios,
usually with software that has cost nothing to them - much of the software is available in the public domain, and is freely available if you know what your looking for, more over just as many sellers are selling the much the same software that has cost them the price of the cd.

Why pay for a radio code or for software that calculates based on serial numbers when much of the software is available for free.

As Ebay does not allow linking to other sites, the advice is, same some money and google the following :

For Renault Radios based on Precodes (4 digit code) - google "renault pre code calculator"

For other calculators - google "freefordradiocode"

Saving money, however small is important especially in the current economic climate.

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