RAF Swords. Real or Replica

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There a number of sellers who list Replica swords as real and ready to wear if you are RAF/RAAF/RCAF officer when they are not. A replica sword retails at $300, a real sword retails at $1000 to $5000 depending on age and maker.

The current MOD approved RAF sword is the 1925 pattern. As a commissioned officer in the RAF you would not be able to wear any other pattern. The replica swords commonly use 1919 pattern with a GV cipher on the hilt.The scrolling on the hilt doesn't match the 1925 pattern. The replica's hilts are made in nice shiny brass and the real swords are either plated in gold or have a strong patina over brass hilt (which shows that it wasn't made yesterday.

Look at the blade is too clean to be 80 years old? The Replicas are made in India, the real swords were made by skilled craftsman in Europe. You will buy a Replica, try to wear it on a parade and get told in no uncertain terms that it is a fake.

Wilkinsons were the finest Cutlers and their swords have the serial number on the blade. This can traced as the original ledgers still exsist (Type in "Wilkinson Sword Archive" into Google). Modern MOD Spec swords are made by companies such as Pooleys, Crisp & Sons, and Gieves & Hawkes and vary from $800-$2500.

I have a lot of photos of real and replica swords, but they are big to upload, please contact me and I'll email them. Vintage RAF Officer's swords are rare, only THREE have been sold on ebay in the last 12 months, about 120 Replicas have been sold - many as MOD Spec. Below are some recent listings

Replica 1

Replica 2

Replica 3

Real Wilkinson 1




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