RC Planes how to start flying.

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Hi first things first, it is not the easiest thing in world to fly an RC plane . Even the simple 2 channel parkflyer requires some common sense , so read the instructions carefully & dont be scared to e mail the seller if your not sure . For your first plane go for electric its clean & quiet .I ve being flying just over a year now & have joined a club where I can get sound advice I still have accidents now & then but with a little glue & tape I can fix it & fly again within an hour. Dont be put off by the by the fact that most club members have very more advanced planes than you in my experience everyone is helpful  & not  snobby . You can find out where your local club is on the net look for B M FA & the information is there.Go along and have a look I know you will be welcome & you dont in most cases have to be a full time member some clubs offer limited membership where you can just fly weekends for once a year fee. When you do your first full loop its great. By the way in the boot of my car is a simple powered glider which I know I ,ll fly soon as the weather gets better 50 Quids worth of happiness Oh and dont pick a windy day for first flight .
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