RE: Starting on Ebay with the intention of not paying

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How Frustrating !

Just read a review on the subject of people who join ebay and then win an auction and then have no intentions of paying.

I consider myself a good all round ebayer. I pay immediately when I win something and when I sell something, I always leave immediate feedback once payment is cleared, as I believe the buyers has completed there end of the bargain, the rest is down to me.

On friday evening (07/07/06) I came in and logged on. Fantastic, three quite expensive sales had finished with buy it nows. It was only when I pressed the send invoice icon, did I realise that all three items had been bought by the same member. Two of them were similar items and the third was completely different, which immediately sent alarm bells ringing.  Secondly I noticed the buyers name was probably the most common name in the UK and he had a feedback score of Zilch.  I went to his feedback page to see if he had any positives which had been wiped out by negatives, but no, he had never had any feedback and to add to the plot, he had been a member for over two years with no activity ever.  It now turns out that the address, phone number and email attached are all false.

I've tried in the past to accept bids from every type of member, but not anymore.  From now on +5 feedback or better and a credit card on file.  I know i'm diluting my target audience but at least I won't attract the idiots. The sad thing is, I'll get my FVF back but I've lost what it cost to place the adverts in he first place and that's about £7

Come on ebay, tighten up and protect us from these time wasters. 80sads.

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