READ FIRST! - Free iPhone, PS3, Nintendo Wii, ipod

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There are a number of people asking you to pay for guides on how to get products such as iPhones, PS3's and Nintendo Wii's etc.

This is very easy to do and the sites are 100% legitimate. The one that I am doing at the moment is a points based system. You complete offers in order to get points. The more points you get the better the free gift.

Obviously this can take time but at the end of the day, you got your free iPhone etc. There are offers what you can pay for, in turn helping you to get your item quicker and at a low cost. If you want it completely free there are free offers but these take a bit longer and so you need a bit of patience.

Please email me at for more free information on how to get free products. Don't waste time buying them here!

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