READ the feedback. A guide.

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I cannot overstate the importance of ignoring the percentage total a particular seller may have, and making the small amount of effort to read the actual, recent feedback that they have received.

I made this mistake myself and got ripped off royally, which is why I'm writing this guide.

Let's take the example of Record Village :

Last time I looked this trader had over 98% positive feedback, which I saw and trusted to mean a safe home for my money.Unfortunately, after I had been ripped off, I checked out his feedback page and to my amazement HUNDREDS of negatives were rolling in on a weekly basis.

To say Ebay didn't give a fig is an understatement. 

I watched as the total rose and rose. Negatives just came flooding in in their hundreds and still Ebay refused to act.

The moral of this story is IGNORE the percentage and READ the feedback. You don't even have to bother to go through them all. If a page is full of REDS, there's got to be something wrong.

For more info, see my blogs at username : mrtazz73


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