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In my experience of searching for and purchasing ( REAL LEATHER ) shoes, boots, golf bags etc on E.Bay, there are E.Bayers out there who advertise the items as leather when infact, they are fake leather:  I always query, but even having asked the question, I have been stung on three seperate occasions !! :  On questioning some of the selling E.Bayers, they don't even care, they say " I think it's leather, I don't really know ? "  " Selling for a friend, etc etc, not my item " Some have even told me to get a life and become very defensive by saying report me to E.Bay, I don't care, just because I check to see whether an item is real or not !!  If you are someone who prefers REAL  LEATHER, like me, why should it be wrong to know whether or not that is what you are really getting:  Why do these people get away with selling falsely described goods ?  E.Bay should have a rule drawn up about LEATHER, some sort of buying code or guideline:  Leather as we all know is far more expensive and longer wearing than synthetic materials, why should we be conned into paying for quality we are not getting:  Flush out the scammers  -  KEEP  IT  REAL

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