REBORN BABY DOLLS A beginners guide to BUYING

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This Guide is mainly aimed at the 'Novice or New Collector'

When first discovering Reborn Dolls it is all too easy to get carried away with the emotion of what you have just discovered. However it is always advisable not to buy on a whim.

Search REBORN on eBay

There are so many Reborn Dolls to choose from, ranging from the novice Artist through to some very experienced and long standing Artists. If you have a budget in mind, you are guarenteed to find a Reborn in your price range, however quality does vary, please do not be fooled into thinking the highest priced Reborns are always the best, you will often find a beautifully made Reborn for a resonable price. Researching the market is always a good idea, make sure the seller offers some kind of guarentee, so if your baby arrives and is not of the quality you were led to believe, you have the option for repair, replacement or refund.

Once you find a Reborn, make sure you ASK questions, look at the sellers feedback and check out the ME Page, here you will often find a link to a Website, which should show previous work, it will give you some indication of how long a particular Artist has been Reborning, and also an idea of the quality and continuity within thier work..

You might also wish to FOLLOW an Artist to get an idea of the consistency of their work.

What to look for in an Auction;

The quality and price of Reborns varies greatly, but the same basics should still apply. Also some Artists tend to confuse the term Reborn with the term OOAK or One Of A Kind, these are sculpts, they are NOT vinyl and not Reborns! OOAK's are made from clay, usually polymer clay.

Search for OOAK Babies on ebay

Check for a clear description;

There should be a full description; An Artist will take a great deal of time to explain the finer details of their offering, if you are unsure of anything, ASK!


Clear photographs are paramount, bearing in mind photography is an Art form in itself, but 4 or 5 good,clear pictures showing a close up of the face and hair, and full body shots will give you an idea of what to expect.

A Guarentee;

See if the seller offers a guarentee or return policy, Sellers will rarely offer a refund for buyer's remorse; this is why it is important to make sure you are buying the right Doll. But many sellers will offer a refund or replacement if you are genuinely not satisfied with your Reborn Doll on arrival.


Remember to check the sellers feedback, if they offer non private auctions, you can also check previous auctions, if they offer private auctions, then click 'view sellers other items', then click 'completed' you will then be able to view recent auctions. Look for comments from previous buyers. Also check the sellers ME page.

What should be done as Standard?

*All Factory paint and hair should be removed

*A good quality Body should be used

*Paint should be cured and not be removable with a slightly damp cloth

*Paint should not be sitting on the surface of the vinyl

*Hair which is rooted should be sealed from inside

*There should not be large plug of hair visable

*A wig should be secured properly

*Eyes should be replaced and set properly with NO GAPS

*Eyelashes (if used) should be fixed to the inner eyelid, and NOT to the vinyl crease

*Lips and Nails should be sealed with a perminent sealer

*Body Fillings should be new, clean and suited to the purpose

*The Doll and any clothes should be clean and smell fresh!

*Any Paci/Dummy should be treated or the magnet covered, to illiminate future 'greening' of the vinyl

*Body Plates should be neatly backed with felt

If you are ever in doubt 'ASK' the Seller

The Most important thing is for the Customer to be Happy!

Without Customers, there would be NO Reborn Artists:O(

I hope you found this helpful,

A sample of my own work and a follows; 


Having written such a guide, I feel it is important to collabourate my standing within the Reborn Field

My name is Ruth Annette and I am the Artist behind all of the Precious~Dreams babies. I first discovered Reborns om ebay in 2003 whilst searching to extend my collection of Steiff bears and have been producing these beautiful babies ever since; I run an online course called Simply Reborn, where with the support of some of the best Ladies I have ever met in the Reborn World, we teach and guide other Artists to reach thier ultimate goals in Realism, I get so much enjoyment and pleasure out of seeing other sucseed and we boast over 1000 members to have passed through the classes over the past years  I am the Reborn Expert for Discover Dolls Magazine and to be able to offer Live classes through thier fabulous Doll Shows is something I really enjoy  I am proud to announce I was 1 of 5 people chosen to judge the International Reborn Competition 2007 at IDEX, a true honour. I am co owner of Simply Reborn Dolls.Inc and have sculpted Babies for production through the company, as well as being under contract with Ashton Drake for sculpting.

I hope my guide has been useful :O)

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