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Looking for a red dot scope? There are so many on the market today at price ranges from mild to wild. Here is some basic information that will help you select the scope you are looking for. Price does not always determine quality. Consider first the gun you want to buy the scope for. If you're into airsoft, paintballing, and rimfire guns, then the less expensive scopes will usually work fine. As you move up the ladder in terms of caliber, you also increase the recoil (shock) of the firearm. Make note that all advertising isn't always real accurate. The moderately priced scopes will usually work fine for the smaller, less recoil, guns. For large caliber handguns and rifles, I would spend a little extra and get a model that can withstand the heavy recoil they produce. In most cases, you get what you pay for. The dots come in various sizes, usually red in color with some new models that have both red and green. The red is usually used for lower ambient light conditions and the green may be used for days with bright sunshine. Also, most scopes allow you to select the brightness of the dot anywhere from 7-11 settings. Dot size is specified by the manufacturer. For rifles, it is a good idea to select a model that has a dot size of 5 MOA or less. For hand guns, the dot size is usually larger because you are usually shooting at closer ranges. For example, a red dot or red/green dot scope, mounted on a hunting rifle, with a 5 MOA size dot will cover your target with a 5 inch diameter red or green circle at 100 yards. At a range of 50 yards, this same circle of coverage will be 2.5 inches and so on. These scopes make recreational shooting and hunting very easy. You need only adjust the dot to your target by means of up/down, left/right, settings on the scope. Once set, you should be able to hit your target repeatedly at the given range of distance you set it for. For further advice, you should contact the manufacturer of the scope you are considering. It is easy to search for the manufacturer on the internet, find their address and phone number, and ask them directly to assist you in choosing a good scope based on your application. Research several and choose wisely. Don't buy a cheap scope only to have to buy a second one later. By the same token, don't over spend either. Costly scopes don't always give you a better product. Larger sporting goods stores with busy gun counters are also a great source of valuable information. Good luck and happy shooting. 
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