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I had this problem with my renault IDE engine it kept stalling and kangarooing. The car ran perfect when cold but once at running tempetature / warmed up the car would cut out and splutter when it felt like it.
This problem will not cause your engine management light to stay on, if your engine management light stays on all of the time   (orange squiggly coil light) - you have a different problem
It’s was the fuel pressure regulator with mine, it’s a constant fault, I changed mine done by Renault which cost £350 and within 3 months it was doing the same.  The good thing about getting Renault to do it is that they give you a 12 month warranty but the bottom line is the car is dangerous.  If you contact VOSA and make them aware of the problem, they will offer to take the car and test it.  They offered this to me but I never done it but I got rid of the car about 3 years ago as all the juddering around caused the gearbox to go.  It will also affect the cat as there is unburnt petrol going through the cat.  The moral of the story is they are not worth the hassle.
I paid £4000 for mine and sold it for £400 just to get somebody to take it away.  Renault no longer produce the IDE and they are well aware of the fault but they are not interested.  I must have had about 100 emails from people with the same problem.
I think is the problem is that where the fuel pressure regulator is situated it overheats.  I removed the engine cover which is a grey plastic cover over the engine to allow it to cool and this helped for a while. 
 Someone else recently emailed me and gave me the following information also on what someone had done to fix the problem:
 What is happening is that the plunger in the fuel regulator is binding due to the body of the pressure regulator expanding due to heat. If you strip the regulator and rub the plunger body down with very fine wet & dry to reduce its diameter slightly it will no longer stick when it gets hot. I have recently spoken to a chap who did this mod over two months ago on a supposedly faulty regulator and his car is now running great.
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