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Me and my big mouth hey!!!, but please everyone beware, the Polish reproduction martket has rocketed, and are even being sold as originals by some of the more criminally minded.....

Please rest assured though, not all items are post war productions, there are a number of genuine dealers from the eastern block, because these were the states where much german activity took place, there for it goes without saying, alot is good....but please please please do be very very careful, the repro is looking as good as the original...consult with someone who has experience with these items before you buy, be sure that you are buying good material.

If you have recently scanned the german items for sale in the 1939-45 era, you will see, that items from Poland are marked with From Poland on the search page...NONE of those currently for sale are any where near original, and unless you specifically want a repro, leave well alone...

The prices look very inviting, and rest assured you will get what you pay for with these items..

Why am I sticking my neck out here, well, ONE, because i have been severely done my self in the past years, TWO because I do not want to see anyone else get completely wrapped like a kipper, THREE, if we are foolish enough to keep buying these items, they will pour more into the market..and FOUR these people are deliberatly deceiving people and that is a criminal offense.

There are many on ebay that will quite happily help with this issue, including myself, so dont be afraid to get in touch..It may save you alot of dissapointment in the future, and of course alot of money



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