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Recently I purchased a mobile phone with charger of an ebay phone seller.  It cost £19.99 plus £4.95 postage cost.  The phone arrived proptly but when I charged it up it was dead.  When I informed the seller he told me to send the phone back only for it to be repaired.  I did as he asked and kept the charger, returned the phone to him at a cost of £2.60 postage.  A week later he emailed me to say the phone was unrepairable and if I returned to charger to him he would give me a full refund.  So I returned the charger to him at another cost of £2.00, this is not including the jiffy bag I had to buy also.  He did refund the £19.99 and the original £4.95 but didn't think about the extra cost I had to pay to return both items at his request.  It would only have cost me just under £3.00 to return both phone and charger together but I was stupid and did what the seller asked.  So my advice to you all is if you need to return any item for repair, please include all accessories with it so you won't have double postage when it can't be repaired.  If the seller complains then he shouldn't sell faulty goods in the first place.  I know it's only a couple of quid but its the principle of the thing, don't you agree.  I think it is wrong for the buyer having to pay the return postage when the seller obviously didn't try the phone before he posted it to me.

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