RGA Reportage

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What is that old expression of being wise after the event. Well this has just happened to me and I feel like a mug now, but if it helps somebody else then some good will come out of it. They way it all happened seemed too good to be true and it was. I was working in the front of my house when a guy with an italian accent stopped in the road and asked for directions to the motorway which I gave him. He  said he was over here for a fashion event and wanted to do me a favour by letting me have these leather jackets at a bargain price, but the figures he was giving in hundreds of euros each was way above what I would consider, especially as I did not even want them. Out came the hard luck story etc which I wont bore you with, but the upshot was when I showed no interest in buying them was he said how much cash I had hanging around. When I said only £100 he grunted and put back all the jackets back into the bags. I thought at last I had got rid of him then he pleaded to find another £20 but I said there was no more money available. With much reluctance he said I could have all three for the £100 cash, and while they were no good to me, I might be able off load them to friends. Having now gone onto the internet typing in rga reportage I see now that this was a scam that has been going on just about everywhere. While at the time I knew things were not right, I limited my outgoings and I see others had been fleeced for several hundreds of pounds. I will give these jackets away to friends, etc. as my concience would not allow me to sell them. They are in the main quite well made, but they are without doubt fakes. Although I was sold them as Armani leather jackets under another label, they are definately not, and I am not even sure they are even leather. The only way to stop this type of trade is write to the press, but most of us dont want admit we have been caught, but it is the only way of getting the public to be made aware. I only found out that I was caught, but going on the Internet, but only after the event.


Tont Mead 22.5.08    



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