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Ever found yourself staring at the item you have just bought in a shop around the corner when you were told it was a one off or designed by the seller???....

I have noticed alot just lately that many retailers (no not your everyday add an item now and again seller, the actual Retailers out there) are selling there goods as one offs or designed by them and hand made by their workers when in fact they bought the items in in bulk and are selling them to make major profits. You see alot of people will pay extra for one off designs and hand made items.

If you read my about me page you will see that I actually DO make most of the items I sell at my workshop, theres a photo of where I work for a start, I've done this for the above reason, and Im fed up of other retailers giving me a bad name and all the other truthful retailers out there as well.

There is alot of lying that goes on in this world and these people are rip off merchants making huge profits at your expense.

Imagine my suprise when last night I was looking through the listings for a pentacle cage pendent when I stumbles acrossed a seller/shop that described the item as designed by them and made by their workers in india, I thought i'd email the seller to ask if they had any others in stock and whether they would supply me a bulk lot, I also asked whether they supply any one else close to me ie Ipswich and whether she actually designed these herself or bought them in the answer was shocking..... Yes she would be happy to supply me one bulk lot of 50 pendants but did not have any more at present she quoted me £250 wholesale and no she doesnt supply any one in this area also there was a definate yes these are my designs.

This was absolute rubbish and I'll tell you how I know, I already have one of these particular items and I am wearing it at the moment and have been for over a month now, I bought it at a local shop in Ipswich town centre who have many of them in slightly different designs and the exact one that was being sold. Talk about catch someone out, and all it took was an email to prove it!!!

I bought my pendant WITH its chain for £6.50 and the price on ebay a staggering £12.99 almost double.!!!

Its wrong, immoral and really makes me re-evaluate selling on here but unfortunatly some people ruin it for the rest.

My suggestion to everyone is before you buy the product or even bid have a look around the web and your area, just remember though that not everything you find on the internet is available in every country so within your research do take note of this.

When someone says they have designed something themselves try not to take this on board unless they can show you some sort of proof.

All im saying is just be careful.



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