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I bought an item from this Seller (kerimalan) she advertised item to be sent royal mail SPECIAL DELIVERY at a cost of £5.00. The seller sent item first class RECORDED DELIVERY instead at a cost of JUST £1.33. I contacted seller to complain about advertising and charging for a PREMIUM ROYAL MAIL SERVICE and then using a CHEAPER, SLOWER alternative and she was totally uncooperative, unhelpful and unwilling to offer a refund on the difference between the cost of the service used and the one advertised. This seller (in my opinion) is one of those types which uses Ebay infrequently, has changed user name in the past, to either, sell something which she has acquired and overcharges on the p&p or if you look at her feedback sells PIRATED, COPIED DVD,s. So BEWARE this seller and indeed before you bid on anything, please check ANY sellers feedback, check p&p charges (although in this case, I thought it would be sent "as advertised"). Unfortunately we are All  at the mercy of unscrupulous sellers that Ebay attracts, so if it ever happens, as well as leaving Negative Feedback, write a review and NAME and SHAME them in the public forum and hopefully they will ALL disappear and Ebay will again become a great place to Grab a BARGAIN! without being RIPPED OFF!!!!!!!!

Seller has since left Negative feedback for me (unjustifiably) in response for (rightfully) Negative feedback left for her, even had the cheek to say that the profit she pocketed for sending my purchase by a cheaper postal service was to give her kid some pocket money! When a seller advertises a postal service and charges the buyer for it, send it by that service and give your kid pocket money from your own pocket and not from mine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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