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There are a lot of cheats using eBay and I have had several bad deals.  The first one was a sting.  An eBay car dealer in Liverpool built up about 40 points and 100% then pulled the plug.  Never got car or any compensation.  The second bad deal was a stern-drive unit for a boat.  It was allegedly a Mercruiser "Alpha Drive complete".  (Alphas came out in '86 and are a good strong unit).  Seller appeared to have 300 points and near 100% so there was considerable interest.  Fearing snipers I emailed about a Buy-It-Now price.  He replied that he wanted to see a bank cheque for £500 before he would do the B.I.N. and added that he couldn't be bothered with timewasters that don't pay.  I sent the cheque but he did not do the BIN through eBay.  When I went to collect the drive from his parents address it turned out to be a 40 year old heap of scrap, NOT an Alpha but a Renault-Mercruiser model 80.  Forward gear is stripped/won't drive & engine is rusted solid.  It turned out that the seller was not letsmar the account holder!  It was his 17YO dishonest bro (allegedly banned from parents house for dishonesty!)  Another bad sterndrive was a VolvoPenta 280T "In good working order".  I phoned and was assured it was in good working order "just needs a new UJ".  When collected it was evident that a lot of parts were missing.  The man claimed to have mislaid them and said he would post them on.  They never came and when I tried Square Deal I was one day over the time limit!  (60 days is not really enough) I paid £561 for that drive & it needs bellows (£60) a doughnut to keep out the sea, gear link rods, a UJ, AND YOKE, also an input shaft. Oh yes, the skeg tip is broken off too. Thanks a bunch sarah01200.

Another bad deal was probably down to eBays new "print label" facility.  Most people use inkjets which are not waterproof.  Anyway the ink ran so parcel never arrived but was returned to sender after weeks and weeks (there was a strike at Exeter PO as well).  I couldn't give good feedback, but neutral seemed fair.  Unfortunately the seller ukcyborg then went potty.  I did point out that to comply with eBay rules we needed to complete the transaction but he said he would not sell me the item unless I erased the neutral feedback (which is not possible)  I tried the "goods not received button" but got the message "too much time has elapsed".  Once again 60 days is not long enough.

Goods coming from the USA by surface mail can take 6 to 8 weeks so again the 60 day limit is too short.

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