ROCK BAND PS3 UK -replacement from EA Games

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My son Purchased Rock Band the whole set and spent 2 weeks loving it!  Then his base pedal snapped!!!!!  When looking for the receipt I noticed on the box a web address that said to contact them direct rather than the shop you purchased from.  

I did a search on the net and noted there seems to be a problem with the pedals and lots of replacements being sought.  I saw others complaining that EA were slow or charging a fee to send items out etc etc and toyed with the idea of just buying a pedal off e-bay as there are wooden and metal ones on here that will be stronger etc.... BUT they are about £20 each.... and this is a faulty item...

SO I CALLED EA Games and they were BRILLIANT - straight away - no quibbles a pedal is being sent and will be received within 5-7 days.

SO DONT BELIEVE ALL YOU READ - call the manufacturer for a replacement.  I dont know whether the problems were centred on the US market or not but here in the UK the service was great with no problem and a new pedal on its way without paying a penny.

If you want to fork out for a wooden or metal pedal thats fine - but dont do it just because you think it is gonna be a nightmare getting a replacement from the manufacturer.

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