Ralph Lauren Designer Childrens Clothing - BUYING GUIDE

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Do you love designer children's clothing ? 

Do you want to have a go at bidding or buying them on Ebay ?

Not sure from the many sellers now available, who you should buy from ?

Whose items are authentic, whose items might not be ?

I decided to write a guide to try and help buyers get the best experience and value for money.  Please take  a moment to tick the box at the bottom of the page if you think this guide was useful.  Many thanks. Enjoy shopping.


There are now many sellers on the UK site selling Designer children's clothing and since the site has also been opened up to Worldwide sellers, a lot of overseas sellers too.  It can be really overwhelming trying to decide who to bid  and buy from.

What seems like a great deal may actually not be so good, especially if it has to come from for example America (who is obviously outside the EU).  The initial purchase may be reasonable, but add to the cost:

  •  the shipping charge
  •  the likelyhood of import charges at customs (customs duty is payable on all items of £7.00 and over now) VAT on some items of childrens clothing over £18.00
  • the charge that the royal mail add on just to handle the import process into the country (currently £8.00)
  • What if you have to return the item to an overseas seller - what is the return policy ? Will you have to pay the return postage cost overseas ?

and your item(s) which may have seemed like a real bargain, may just become more expensive than buying from a normal UK Shop!

If your seller marks your item as a gift, this is also breaking the law for which YOU can be prosecuted.


I have many years experience in designer children's clothing, Ralph Lauren in particular.  Once you receive an item it will be immediately apparant from the look and the feel of the item if it is fake.  It will be poor, inferior material, poor stitching, probably no care labels, dull colours.  Designer clothes are expensive because they are made really well, I have purchased through my suppliers for a long time some who source for me from Ralph Lauren .com (which sadly we are unable to buy from in this country).

A good way to decide before you buy from a seller is to make sure they are using their own photographs of the item in the listing.  Not stock photographs (professional pictures) taken from the Ralph Lauren or designers website.  This is also illegal and can lead to prosecution.  If they are selling authentic items they should be showing pictures of the actual item they are selling in their auction and should be happy to send you additional photographs of any items if you ask.

They should answer questions regarding items readily and quickly.



Again apart from the points above, feedback is a good indication, always read several comments throughout the sellers history to get an overall view, if there are more than a few comments relating to authenticity queries, it might be worth a re-think. if a seller is a Powerseller this is usually a good sign that they have a good amount of sales under their belt and proven customer service.  Do note though that all Powersellers should now be registered as businesses with Ebay, so if they have not got this next to their name they are really trading against Ebay policies.

I do hope these few points have helped you have a enjoyable and positive buying experience on Ebay.

Please take a moment to say whether or not you think this guide is useful.  Many thanks.


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