Rare Factor and Price

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Hey people if you have run into my guide then you must be looking at something to do with The Legend Of Dragoon.

I would just like to say to users considering buying this game that they look for at a few details.

1. The PAL version of the game is the most desirable through out the different formats. You could be paying up to £40.00 for a opy of this game, which in all respect is a worthy price.

2. Beware that many people will be selling the NTSC version which is not compatable with the PAL systems. It is also much cheaper to buy as there were many more copies of the NTSC version made. 

3. Don't over pay. I have been collecting games for a long time now and i have seen many items exceed their retail price and go higher than they should. This is great for sellers but buyers could end up paying more than they should.

4. Finally always take into concideration the postage cost when buying on ebay. I no most of you already no that sellers put their postage cost at stupid prices so that they can gain that little more profit.

I hope that you find this useful. Bid safe out there and always check the feedback from the seller before you comit to buy. I have fallen into that trap more than once.

Happy Bidding.


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