'Rare' Yorks and Harriers..the truth and how..

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Right here it goes..

this is the truth regarding the so called 'rare' black fronted york 863 and the 'rare' harrier CBX silver front..

there is no such thing, these were never made...

so hows it done ???


remove the knobs and casings, remove the front from the radio, only four screws in front..

turn in-side to you and you will see the silver of the backing of the yorks black inlay..carefully push this out, using either a finger or a rubber or something very blunt, and not force fully, work your way around the front, it will come off as the glue is 25 year old..

once off you have a silver front with no inlay, right ??

now get some SATIN black auto spray and spray the front..

also while you there spray the knobs..

make sure it's nicely covered..

when dry, glue the front back on and re-fit to the rig, then putting on the black knobs you now have a 'rare' black fronted York 863..can also be done on the 861..


Harrier CBX..

how to make it silver...

Remove the front in the same way as the york..

simple..now just get either duraglit, T-cut or some other fine abraisive polise and 'wear' the graphite grey away..

i have used a brillo pad before with lots of soapy water..

when all the graphite grey is gone it should be nice and silver but still has the white writing..

why the writing stays i don't know, but hey if the harrier was meant to be silver, would it have hard to see white writing, no surely would be black..

any way put the rig back together, spray the knobs in a silver, ideally a alloy wheel steel silver and put back on the rig..

there you go another 'Rare' rig...


so don't go paying £50 or more because it says rare...do a lot of looking on the net for pictures of such rigs, and you won't find any.....unless these have already been 'doctored'

i know as i've been into CBs over 25 years, and have seen all the bodges, and ways to tidy up rigs in my time..


even the how to make a case have that york vynal feel...

simple go to the hobbycraft store and buy it on a roll..

about £3.50 for a roll of 'fablon' sticky back stuff that has the york feel to it..

also the same as the hariers...

then just cover any of your tired old sprayed cases without having to paint them, also it don't scratch either..

care to be taken around the speaker if it is a raised grille, but can be done with a hairdrier as the fablon will stretch.


any more tricks ???


keep watching this space...


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