'Rare' or 'Sold Out' style auctions

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Over recent weeks I have been using Ebay more and more and I am completely amazed at the amount of sellers claiming items to be completely sold out of the shops or 'rare' when they are not. It is absolutely disgusting that Ebay allows these users to get away with it to be honest and I just wich to make buyers aware of this.

When looking for items if you come across one of these such auctions or 'Buy It Nows' don't take the sellers word for it that they are sought after, rare or sold out items as quite a lot of the time they are not. Some sellers are indeed genuine but I have found many to simply be here to rip innocent people off = Yourself, the buyer.

Check in the higstreet shops first as quite a lot of the time I am sure you will be able to find the item and for a lot less than some sellers are wanting.

For example:
*I was browsing through T shirts and saw this cute little Smurfette one I have recently seen in my 3 (yes 3) local New Look stores. Only the seller was actually claiming them to 'very rare' and 'completely sold out'. Complete lies! If the 3 stores I visit on a regular basis had a whole rail of them then the likelyhood is others do too.
Not only this but the seller was asking for £17 more than what they were going for in the stores (£8 in the stores and £24.99 on here!!)

If a seller claims items to be sold out or rare items yet appears to have numerous of them, then ask yourself 'How did they get a hold of them?'..

Please buyers be carefull by these sorts of sellers and if possible shop about in your local stores before clicking that 'Bid' or 'Buy It Now' button!!

* I will not display this sellers ID as I may get into trouble with Ebay (sure enough I will try report them though, with proof that they are not completely sold out!) But if you wish to know the sellers so that you avoid being scammed I will have let you know privately.


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