Rayburn Nouvelle Buying Guide

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Rayburn is one of the most popular luxury cooker manufacturers in the UK. The Nouvelle dates back to the mid-1980s, meaning you can buy anything from a new stove, to an older stove in working condition, to a retro model that needs refurbishing. Considering a stove's fuel type, features, and colours allows you to choose the right Rayburn Nouvelle model for your home.


Rayburn Nouvelle Fuel Type

Various Rayburn Nouvelle stoves require different fuel types including gas, oil, solid fuel, and wood. Choosing a stove based on fuel type is important because not each stove fits into every home. For example, a wood burning Nouvelle is nice to have, but you need appropriate venting for the smoke. Oil and gas are the best options for standard homes, but solid fuel does offer a unique cooking experience to those who care. There are pros and cons to each fuel type, but consider choosing your Nouvelle based on what your home is capable of supporting, and based on your preference. Some buildings do have restrictions on solid and fuel burning stoves, and your home may require a professional inspection before you can install a peat or wood burning Nouvelle stove. The 355M is the multi-fuel version, and a great option if you want to switch fuel types.


Rayburn Nouvelle Stove Features

The Rayburn Nouvelle comes with a variety of features that you can choose based on your needs. Most stoves include a water boiler, a cooker, a damper, a hotplate, an oven, and a hot water heater, as well as a water-sensing thermostat. While new Rayburn stoves tend to have similar features, pay attention when purchasing used Nouvelle stoves, as some previous models feature folding oven doors rather than slam type doors, different pumps, flue dampers in the front rather than the back, and a different thermostat system. The standard boiler size in a Nouvelle is 190 litres, with a two-hour refuelling cycle. The 300W Rayburn Nouvelle burns wood and is only for cooking, rather than hot water as well.


Rayburn Nouvelle Colour and Style

Rayburn Nouvelle stoves come in several colour options including blue, white, black, brown, green, and even purple. Stovetops are usually black or chrome, which makes them easy to clean, and helps them to blend in with range of different countertops. You can also buy a couple of different covers for the top of the stove, which allows you to further customise the design.

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