Re-Ported as lost

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Dose Ebay keep a count on Ebay buyers that claim goods are lost as some on Ebay say this item never arrived as I sell more on Ebay than I buy I do think about this all the time. As am told at the post office 1st Class post is coved up to £46 But this is Just Not the case. Un less you have the Recipet for what you sent your not coved Un less you have it signed for your Not coved so why am I told 1st Class is coved up to £46 but your not coved

I have had one Item go missing an the post office up to now They say to me today I may only get a book of Stamps. Also if you sell Item Lets say accessories from a New phone you pay £200 for the phone you don't need the accessories & there worth lets say £15 so you sell on Ebay your Not coved for them

There is No Cover at the post office Unless the other side also puts in a clame also but how mean will do that as they don't care that much & say Why Shuld I any way I payed you it it lost you give back my money

So how meany Buyers on Ebay have Ran scams saying goods don't arive an opening a case up with Ebay an paypal put holds on funds and just issue Refund lest say a Ebay buyer runns this on 2 out of ten Items will Ebay think why is this buyer haveing so meany items go missing

I have also found this link

As Ebay sellers it is us paying for it as were hit with commition charges can we have an option on listing ti to pay a persentage so if it is Reported missing an we have Prove of post they pay out an Not the seller as I will pay 2% for the cover The post office should put the post code an door number on all Ricipets given but they don't just take your money an lob stuff about

Also if you have items sighned for you will only get Item cost back an not the post cost so lets say you sell some thing for £50 an it cost £20 to post cose of size an weight you will only get the £50 so you your self will have to give back the P&P at your own Expence this is not on as you payed an amount to them for service an it is no for filled you should get the full amount at £70 as the Ebay buyer will be Refunded that amount at Ebay an Paypal is not there for you there for only the Buyer so Let Ebay Charge the buys 1/2 the Ebay Fees for Final price Commition as not only do we pay Listing Fees but Final sale Fees.

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