Re-Volt and why to buy three decks to make one awesome

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Well this has to be the best structure deck there has been yet. The main reason for this is it contains the gadgets!!

Not only were these mini machines used by Yugi himself against the Pharaoh in the Pharaoh’s final duel, these cards are really fun and cool. They each have an effect of replacing each other. You summon one, take another for free!! Not only that but this effect works with special summon as well so if you chain Call of The Haunted to a card like heavy storm, the monster gets summoned then destroyed so you still get to search your deck for another gadget.

Another good point is, they are machines!! (Duh) this means they work with Cyber Dragons and any machine deck.

The gadgets also bought a new type of deck to Yugioh called 5th gadget, this is where your deck contains 45 cards so since you have 3 of each gadget, the odds of drawing one becomes 1 in 5. Another good card for this deck is Snipe Hunter from CDIP which gives you a 2/3 chance of destroying any card on the field by discarding one card from your hand.

Now let’s move onto the best part of these cards… they are all commons!! Yes that means you can make a brilliant deck that is guaranteed to give fun and win matches for a really low cost!! You’ll laugh when you destroy your opponent’s best monster using Snipe Hunter and Limiter Removal on your gadgets to win games!!

Here is a cool and fun deck that you should try making, all made from cards that are really easy to get!!:

Most of these cards will be available at OOTWC tournaments (next one on the 10th of March, tag tourney)

Monsters: 23

3 x green gadget: SD10

3 x yellow gadget: SD10

3 x red gadget: SD10

2 x snipe hunter: CDIP

2 x cyber dragon: CTO2

1 x d.d. warrior lady: warrior deck

2 x exiled force: DB2

1 x treeborn frog: SOI

1 x spirit reaper: PGD

1 x injection fairy lily: LOD (hard to get but too good!!)

1 x sangan: MRL

1 x ancient gear gadjiltron chimera: SD10

1 x ancient gear chimera: SD10

1 x ancient gear beast: TLM

Spells: 15

1 x confiscation: MRL

1 x heavy storm: SD10

1 x mystical space typhoon: ANY DECK!!

1 x pot of avarice: SD10

2 x smashing ground: IOC

2 x fissure: any old deck

2 x rush recklessly: Pegasus deck

1 x limiter removal: SD10

2 x enemy controller: SD10

1 x premature burial: SD1

1 x creature swap: old structure decks


Traps: 6

1 x call of the haunted (all old decks)

2 x sakuretsu armor: SD10

1 x ring of destruction: IOC LTD

1 x torrential tribute: SD4

2 x bottomless trap hole: LOD

So there you have it. A great deck that you should try making and enjoy!!

(Where is my Golem? ED)

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