Read and take notice of Feeback

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We've all been there, brought something from ebay and then noticed that the seller had negative feedback. Ok more often than not it all turns out ok, after all we have all sold to one person who likes to moan, but seriously when the seller has had over 20 negative feedbacks in one month then you really should take notice.

Unlike me who was really stupid. I saw that a seller had just what I was looking for, so I purchased six of the items, I paid through pay pal and then waited, and waited and waited. I sent emails, not one but about 20, both to his email address and via contact seller on ebay, but no still nothing.

So at the moment, this guy has my money and my baby has sore gums (I was buying her teething gel which you can only get in the States). Good huh, and the worst thing is, I know once I leave him negative feedback, he is then all of a sudden going to leave me loads of negative feedback, even though I have done nothing wrong.

Don't you think it is time ebay made a few changes with the feedback, you know if someone does not send an item, or the item is fault etc., then you the buyer should be able to leave feedback, but the seller should not be allowed to, you know take away their rights and stuff.

Anyway, that's my rant for the evening, and oh yea in case anyone is thinking of buying from the person below then trust me DON'T, not unless you have money to throw away.



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