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Fed up of being scammed by the great P&P rip off!

I am

This is not about the majority of good Ebayers who charge reasonable P&P

It is about the scammers who want £££

If you feel the same read this and score it as being useful. If you dare

The other day I almost got done

I went to "buy it now" a Holox GPS reciever for £11.99

Great value I thought

Ouch. The P&P was £19.99

What a scam. The actual P&P couldn`t be more than £3

I very rarely charge P&P on my goods but still see people paying £10 - 30 more for an equivelent item because of the P&P

I am not knocking those who charge for good P&P value

It is those who want to make profit out of P&P

Not just pennies but ££££££

So those of you who charge reasonable P&P don`t be offended

This is about the scammers

You see the goods at a great price

You don`t want to lose the bargain

You buy it now

After the almost 100% mark up on the P&P where are you?

Ripped off and angry

Why does Ebay allow people to scam like this?

Do they care?


Money, money and more money

That`s all they want

Lets stop this scam

Read this guide and score it, if you dare

If it gets in the top 100 I think the message will get through

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