Read the advice and heed the warnings on ebay !

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Be careful of how you conduct your transactions!

I have been a member on ebay for about 8 months. My experiences and lack of understanding of how things work have caused me to make mistakes as buyer and seller. This has now made my feedback rating something like 60% positive. The point i am making is that i have been fooled by the feedback rating of some sellers who have almost 100% credibility. As a seller i have had some crazy requests and at one point sold an item to someone who had not won the auction as i thought and found myself explaining this to a total stranger of whom i actually sent some money as a gesture of my honesty and apology. All is not what it seems with many of the members on ebay. My advice is to read the guides that are available on ebay and before completing any transaction make sure you have studied the past form of the buyer or seller and  make sure there is a return with full refund if not satisfied. Learn by my mistakes!

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