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I was looking for a cheep mobile phone so i looked in the mobile phone section i saw two phones starting at £0.99 so i put a bid in for a few pounds to be exact £5.00 and a kept watching to see if i had been out bid, i hadent so i thought great i have just won two phones 4 days latter i recived two CDs to up grade two phones i dont have.

the thing is all the write up was for the two phones all the specs pros and cons how good they were and at the very end of the add after i went back to check the add it did say at the very end cd up grade for these phones.

Question; why were the CD upgrades for phones put into the actual phone section, looking back it was very cleverly worded and well set out .

I will not be screwed by this sort of scam again. I gave him a poor review and he cried for me to take them of .me being of a soft nature i did but it will not happen again.

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