Read this Guide before you buy from any Ebay Seller

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Instead of wasting time trawling through pages of Feedback, use the link below to find out about the Negative or Neutral Feedback your Potential Seller has


do you specifically search for negative and neutral feedback comments to see why others disliked the eBay member? I do! In fact, I do it all the time ... especially before I buy something to make sure the member can actually deliver what they claim.


Have you clicked through hundreds of feedback
comment pages ONLY looking for NEGATIVE
comments to decide if you TRUST the seller?


When i joined ebay some sellers had so many feedback's, it took ages to sort through them to find the negative ones and neutral, when i wanted to purchase something.  i ended up not bothering to look for them, and yes you guessed it, i wish i had bothered, so here is the quickest way to research the buyer you are potentially buying from.


Due to not being able to put links outside of ebay on my guide, i have put the links in my ebay store (i'm allowed to put them there but not here  mmmm mmm), i have put a direct link to my store page below

My Store


they are well worth the extra effort, but please remember to vote yes on my guide, so others can benefit from this information


Thank You

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