Read this before you buy Iphone Replacement screen

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So you have broke your iphone Screen and you have been watching the guides on how to replace the screen and you are thinking I am going to fix it myself and save myself a fortune, Yer me to. There is a very small amount of warnings about the screens on Ebay being a waste of money as you need to replace the screen and LCD as one unit, but how can that be when they are selling them seperate on Ebay and the instruction videos are all over you tube. So if you like me are thinking of taking the chance as its only 11 quid, DONT!! Let me state this as clear as I can so you are in no doubt, The only iphone with a replacable screen is the iphone 3, All the others you have to replace the LCD and screen as one unit. But do not despair as there are places that will do the whole job for you , the one I went to was at the matchworks Liverpool. I took all the bits to them and they supplied the LCD and touchscreen and put it back together for 59 quid!So my advice to you is DO NOT take your phone apart, The parts are unbelievably small and you will never get it back together even if you do buy the LCD and not just the touchscreen.

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