Read this before you buy toners and inks.

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I have been looking at various sales of inks and toners,and I am extremely concerned about the sharp practise that is going on.I think it would be reasonable to assume that if there is a photo of the product then that should be the item you are going to get.NOT SO..Lots of small print telling you to read carefully is a sign,then you will find they are going to be sent in a white box and are only starter cartridges that they are sending.This a trick they will use and then they say read the small print.

I think e bay should outlaw this scam as it is fraud ,A lot of these are based in the USA .

It is no use producing a list of the culprits because you may assume that if a seller is not on it ,then they are bone they say if it looks to good to be true,it is ..check.check.check.

We sell the original items but no longer sell any on ebay due to the fact that all this sort of deceipt goes on......beware  read  check ..

100% feedback is not always what you think it is because you have left feed back before you find out they are only partially filled...Hope this helps to stop them....cheers baz

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