Reading is important

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So often we forget the importance of reading. Especially with the numerous games  and other activities offered through communication technology. One good example is, more frequently you see people writing about how 'I cant sleep. i cant sleep, I am up please link me'. These people dont realise the importance of stepping back and find the right solution, such as reading a book, to help them sleep.
Those who do try to find solutions, tends to look for teas and even exercise. Thats good. Howerver, we forget one trick. that is before teas and exercises our parents used to read to us at bed time and nothing put us to sleep much faster. This has been very popular up to recent years. Why not continue to use whats works best effectively.
Question. How often you toally forgot some key information, then came across some reading material and zap here goes the  
Now you know why its important to have a book by the side of your bed, in your handbag on your desk and anywhere you spend at least half an hour relaxing. Yes just said it there is nothing more relaxing than reading a book.. 
Remember we cannot get rid of hard covers and paperbacks for technology as it seems to be going now.
Start here. buy a book.  Use your time wisely.

Please feel free to share your own reason why you read.
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