Reading the discription.Never Ending Story

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We put a Rare book, Never Ending Story up for bidding, This was a 1985 rare issue, now out of print. check out Amazon same used book retails from 60 pounds plus postage and upwards.

If you look at the photos, you will see that the cover is red and the photo above is the inside of the book.

We did put that there was wear  to the cover of the book and items of this age usually do have some wear and tear.

Take a look at the photos, we have not been deceitful or trying to mislead anyone.

 The book that was for sale, was for the beautiful artwork inside and not for the last blank pages of the book or the cover.

In future, we suggest that buyers read the description properly and not give misleading negative feedback.

This book sold for 21pounds, a bargin, the buyer 1984 clairesing, did pay until after 9 days and after we reported for non payment, left a negative feedback, stating that this book.............

"is not like the picture it is very tatty and damaged not even the same cover."


The photos were taken from the book and if the buyer had read and observed then she would have realized what we have shown were the photos from the inside of the book and the cover is clearly red, the same as all the Never Ending Story books of 1985.

Sent the buyer an email if she was not happy with the item to return it for a refund.
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