Real Nappies - What Do I Need? - A Simple Guide

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Getting Started.  Here is our simple guide to what you need to get started with Real Nappies.  For more comprehensive advice about Real Nappies and which nappies are right for you, see our Choosing Real Nappies - A Simple Guide.

Everything you need to get started......

Nappies - Between 15 and 25 depending on the type of nappy you choose and your laundry facilities.
Wraps - Around 4 - 5 in each size, although you may want to start with 6-8 for newborn babies.  (Not required for pocket nappies and all in ones)
Liners -   Bio-degradable liners that flush down the toilet with solids or fleece, polyester or silk liners that provide a stay dry barrier (especially useful at night) - not required for pocket nappies.
Boosters - For extra absorbency at night and as your baby grows
Nappy Bin - A large bucket with a tight fitting lid for storing soiled nappies
Nappi Nippas - The nappy pin for the 21st centruay - an ingenious 3 way stretchy 'gripper' required for nippa fastening nappies only.

And some useful extras to make life easier ..........

Laundry Mesh - Goes inside the bucket to make transferring your nappies to the washing machine easier.
Washable Wipes - Flannelette or terry squares, a gentle alternative to using disposable wipes which can be washed along with your nappies.
Wet Nappy Bag - For nappy changes and storage when your out and about


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