Reasons to eat Beetroot

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My strength and conditioning coach told me a few months back to start drinking beetroot juice as he found the results to be fantastic. 

I tried and sadly failed - it was possibly the most disgusting thing I've ever tried drinking (although I hear some people love it!) - so I then tried taking it mixed with apple juice - which was slightly better but I must say it was a challenge to drink it daily!  I've finally ended up with beetroot capsules, but here are some of the reported benefits of beetoot in your diet consistently (I had no idea it was so good for you):
1. Beetroot cools and purifies the blood.

2. Beetroot is a potent liver cleanser.

3. Beetroot kick starts your digestive system.

4. Say goodbye to iron deficiency.

5. Beetroot eliminates cancer.

As with all fruits and vegetables, beetroot prevents cancer. It’s loaded with tough little antioxidants which are the body’s personal bodyguard unit. Their mission is to dispose and eliminate cancerous growths caused by free-radicals in the body.

Personally I think it's great, obviously there might be the placebo effect but I've noticed increased energy, better moods and a (slight) loss in body fat - so overall I'm pretty happy!
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