Reasons to use weightlifting gloves

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This is usually a topic of controversy in many gyms around the country, and I'd imagine the world.  Why should you be using weightlifting gloves?

1. Hand fatigue - If you're lifting heavy, or going for high reps then what good is it if your hand, fingers, grip is giving up before your muscle is fatigued/has been exhausted?  Many people I speak to and know will openly say that their hands/grip will fail before the muscle; particularly so with shrugs, curls and shoulder raises.  I myself never used to use gloves, but now that I'm used to them I don't think I could ever go back, the extra grip support is hugely beneficial.
2. Sweat much while you're training?  Bench pressing a heavy weight?  If you answered yes to both of those then you need to make sure you're either using chalk/talcum powder (you might not be popular with the gym cleaning staff!!) or invest in a pair of gloves so the bar does not slip out of your sweaty grip and onto your chest.
3. Calluses, probably one of the most annoying side effect of free weight lifting.  They look unsightly and feel horrible!  If you get these, then get yourself some gloves!
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