Reborning from a beginer

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Hi i just read a item on reborns and found i agreed with what she said. I bought a cheap reborn and it was a disgrace I also bought a middle priced one and found it poorly done I feel for the high quality reborners on ebay now as people are selling a doll with some badly rooted hair and a bad paint job as a reborn.

A reborn is a quality doll or kit that needs stripping of paint repainting in high quality paints and heat sealing Hair is micro rooted using top quality hair and needles its then sealed a new body is bought with joints for easy posing all parts of body head arms legs are weighted to give a baby weight. To attach head to clothe body reborner buys a piece for this most reborners attach a super strong magnet inside head and one on a dummy some also do the same for hair clips ect. This short pargraph is just a guide as to a real !!! reborn baby

So the point to my guide is ask the seller lots of questions before you buy if like me they are happy to help anytime of day and well into night :) i would say your reborn will be a REborn

I also do what i call recreations which are dolls washed painted rooted and mostly with clothe jointed bodys (some dont need it)

these i will call my recreations not reborns At all times attention to detal is a must good luck to all with there new babies



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