Receding Hairline Treatment - How to Stop a Receding Hairline

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Receding hairline is a big cause for concern for not only men, but women as well - for some people, it can have negative effects to their self esteem and confidence and on top of that, are misled by doctors and nurses about the possibility of recovering from such a condition - problem is, they don't know themselves, and this is why it is hard to know who is right - but lets go through how you can help stop receding hairlines, once and forall. 

Now let's cover the basics first - receding hairline prevention is the same as hair thinning, or hair loss or any other pattern of hair disappearing from your head - its just a different pattern the hair is being lost - that's all. 

So what is the best Treatment for Receding Hairline in Males and Females?

There are a handful of things you can do to stop hairline to recede even more, and to help regrow the hairline back - I will start from the easiest options to the hardest, but to be honest, you need to do all the mentioned if you want to get serious results: 

1. Use the Taoist Handmade Soap for hairline receding: This helps detox and allow circulation into the area where hair is starting to fall or has been lost. Not only that, but stops inflammation from further damaging the hair follicles allowing them to re-grow. 

Inflammation is what actually makes the hair fall off in the end - for men or women, whatever the cause, hormone or stress or anything else - it all leads to inflammation which then causes the hair to fall - the taoist soap will help you stop the inflammation so you can deal with stopping hair loss and correcting your diet and mental stress (as this is a must as well0

You can buy this soap online from - they are the only suppliers of this soap -  it is strongly reccomended if you do buy it, then buy at least 3-5 bars. It lasts long, and worth the money, even if it seems expensive for a soap - the company ships worldwide and are very reliable. 

Regrowing hair follicles - is that even possible?

Yes - using the Taoist Soap, you will be stopping inflammation, the root cause of hair loss (even if its hormone related in females, or males) - and over time, the hair follicles are allowed to regenerate - this is because the body is always replacing old cells with new ones - for example, your skin changes itself completely every month or so - so the skin you had a few months ago, is actually not the same skin - even though sometimes scars still remain (but that is a different topic to get into). 

2. Scalp Massage: Massage the hairline area everyday for 30 minutes before bed - you don't have to massage very hard. Even gentle massage will have great effects, especially when using it alongside with the Taoist Soap. 

3. Change your eating habits: Eating sugar based foods increases the inflammation taking place in your whole body - this is really not good for any of your organs, let alone the hair follicles on your head and hairline - so stop eating so much sugar for long periods of time, and have it occasionally. You wont have to do this forever, but having a better lifestyle in eating, greatly helps the results you will get in the long term with your hair and staying looking healthy and young. 

4. Relax: When a person is not relaxed, their hormones get imbalanced and start behaving differently to when they person is relaxed. This has a huge effect on your body and skin. So it is vital that you try to stay in a relaxed state regularly - do everything you can - meditation and mind exercises, or playing very focus type of video games to help you keep you from getting stressed. 

5. Exercise: Do cardio and yoga exercises at least 4 times a week or more - if you are very unfit, then slowly build up to it - every little will help. Even going for long walks will help. Cardio has a very relaxing effect on the body, and will not only help increase blood circulation, but help you renew your whole body. 

I know these are not the best answers that people often look for when searching for ways to prevent hairlines receding and stopping hairline from getting worse - but sometimes the right treatment for you is actually something you don't want to do - although when you do it, you actually realize you like it! (its an interesting phenomenon). 

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