Rechargeable Torch Buying Guide

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Rechargeable Torch Buying Guide

There is nothing more annoying than having a torch that one cannot use because it has run out of batteries. One way to avoid this issue is to buy a rechargeable torch. They combine the torch and the battery into a single unit that is normally charged from the mains. Rechargeable torches provide an excellent option for a portable light source for many people that need it. There are a wide variety of rechargeable torches available, ranging from small ones that are designed for use in an emergency, to larger ones that can replace work lights. The key to choosing the right rechargeable torch starts with understanding the buyer's needs. Different torches fit different needs and no one torch can prove a perfect match for all users or situations. By taking the time to determine their needs and educate themselves on what kinds of torches are available, buyers can ensure they have the right rechargeable torch on hand when they need one.

What Makes a Torch Rechargeable?

The key to rechargeability lies in the battery. Not only do rechargeable torches use rechargeable batteries rather than alkaline disposables, the majority are sealed units, with permanently installed batteries. This allows for a much greater flexibility in size and design because the torch does not have to be designed around standard batteries. In other words, the battery can be fitted to the requirements of the torch rather than forcing the torch to fit the requirements of the batteries.

Using Torches With Rechargeable Batteries

It is always possible to use rechargeable batteries in a regular torch. Many people do so all the time. However, this is not the same as using a rechargeable torch. For one thing it adds an additional layer of complexity a rechargeable torch often removes. A person using a conventional torch with rechargeable batteries has to manage three distinct elements: the torch, the batteries, and the charger. A person using a rechargeable torch only has to manage one or two distinct elements; the torch and possibly its charger or cradle. It makes things much easier when the torch itself can be plugged directly into the mains.

One concern of using a regular torch with rechargeable batteries is that in many cases these batteries provide a lower voltage and less power than their alkaline equivalents. This means that they go flat faster, and the lower voltage means that the torch bulb is not likely to shine as brightly with a regular alkaline battery. All-in-one rechargeable torches do not have the same issues with brightness because they are designed to work with the voltage the installed battery provides. Another factor to consider is self-discharge. Many rechargeable batteries continue to drain when sitting in an unused torch, which can lead to no light just when the owner needs it most. Rechargeable torches are often left on the charger, and so are less likely to go flat when not in use.

Identifying the Buyer's Needs

Just as there are a wide variety of consumers, there are a wide variety of rechargeable torches to meet their needs. Not all torches meet the needs of all buyers. In some cases, buyers may need multiple torches to meet all their needs. The first thing to do is identify exactly what those needs are, so that the buyer has a way to evaluate the various rechargeable torches in order to see which ones are the best fit. A person looking for a number of small torches to use in emergencies needs a different kind of rechargeable torch to someone wanting a large one to use for regular trips outdoors at night where a lot of light is needed. It can also be important to remember that some people have needs that cannot be met by a single rechargeable torch, and so may want to purchase more than one.

Benefits of Using a Rechargeable Torch

While rechargeable torches are often more expensive than those designed to work with batteries, they generally last longer and in many cases end up costing less overall when one considers the cost over the total lifetime of the torch. In addition to the cost-related benefits, there are also a number of benefits that play out in use. For many buyers these benefits may be even more important than the financial ones. After all, few people focus on the cost of use when they are actually using a torch. They are more likely to worry about factors like brightness and battery charge. This is particularly true of those using a torch in an emergency.

Rechargeable Torches for Frequent Usage

A rechargeable torch is an excellent choice for anyone who uses their torch frequently. Adding an almost unnoticeable drain to the mains is much easier on the household budget than buying alkaline or other disposable batteries. Also, storing a frequently used rechargeable torch on the charging cradle is an easy way to ensure it’s always charged and ready to go as the cradle recharges it after each use. This is a huge advantage over a conventional torch, even with rechargeable batteries, which can at best retain the same level of charge when not in use.

Rechargeable Torches can be Bright and Long-lasting

Rechargeable torches with incandescent bulbs can be very bright as the maker can choose a bulb that is precisely tuned to the particular voltage of the battery in the unit. Those with LED lights can take advantage of the low power draw of LED bulbs to ensure hours of continuous service. Unlike using a conventional torch with rechargeable batteries where the buyer has to be careful to get the right batteries in order to ensure they get the output they expect, someone buying a rechargeable torch can simply look at the package and know exactly what they can expect.

Rechargeable Torches for Durability

Another advantage of rechargeable torches is their durability. Because they never have to be opened to replace the battery at any time in the useful life of the torch, they can be permanently sealed which adds greatly to their durability. This durability makes rechargeable torches excellent choices for those who use their torches for work and other situations where they are likely to encounter rough handling. There is no worry that the end might come off and send the batteries flying everywhere. Many are also made from high impact styrene plastic, which provides excellent protection from impact and moisture.

Choosing a Rechargeable Torch

Choosing the right rechargeable torch is a simple matter of identifying the prospective purchaser's needs and finding the torch that best fills those needs within that person's budget. Buyers looking for an emergency light can find many small torches that sit on an outlet until they are needed. Others, possibly needing more light, can find high power and long duration torches in durable outer cases.

Buying a Rechargeable Torch on eBay

Buying a rechargeable torch on eBay is a quick and easy proposition. All you need to do is enter the terms you want in the search box and watch the results come up right away. eBay provides a search box on every page to make the whole process that much easier. Once you have your results, the next step is to narrow them down to just the ones you want, which is where the filters on the sidebar come in. You can filter your results by anything from brand, to price range, even seller location. eBay also has a sort function, enabling you to arrange your results so that those which best fit your needs are at the top of the list.

After you have narrowed down your list of rechargeable torches, you may want to check out the seller. The best place to do that is at their profile page, where you can see everything from their feedback score to their location. You can also see if they offer any special deals such as bundling several torches together, or even allowing local purchasers to save on shipping by picking up their torches in person.


Buying a rechargeable torch may look harder to many people than it actually is. In fact it is a simple proposition and something that can be done quickly and easily by anyone who is able to take the time to figure out their needs. The first step is having in mind a budget, as that is usually the deciding factor for any purchase. Once the buyer has decided on a budget, the next step is to identify and prioritise their needs. A person who wants a small torch for emergencies may put size before brightness and duration. Someone who throws their torch in a toolbox is likely to put durability first, while others still, may require the brightest or longest-lasting light they can find. The fact that charging from the mains makes a rechargeable torch the most economical long-term option is a bonus. Whatever a person's needs, there is sure to be a rechargeable torch to meet them.

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