Recieved different item then the one ordered

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Hi, I am a new ebayer and the first thing I bought on ebay was Phone Prada Lg, which I paid for 220pounds. Instead of recieveing phone I got a book, and a cd that was something about golf. I emailed seller and told him about it, and his response was that I must be talking about different item and that I should wait another week, so I waited and left for holidays to egypt. 2 weeks later I returned and still didnt get anything. So in the end I reported seller, but nothing has happend, so I am kind of really dissapointed about ebay protection. I mean the guy is still selling things on here and ebay didnt do anything about what I reported. Well anyway I dont think I will buy anything else on ebay. Well just wanted to share my expirience with others up here.

P.S the seller was uk_tradestockdirect so maybe you people should avoid him.

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