Recieving an item that isnt how the seller described it

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To begin with i will tell you a bit about the dispute i am going through at the moment.

I recently bought a pair of Mountain Horse long leather boots (horse riding), they were sold to me as 'not a pair' but only difference is the dirt on the soles. With not having much knowledge of e baying i never really scrutanised the picture (please bare in mind that the seller was a shop). I recieved these boots, and immediately thought it was a bit odd that they were so dusty and had a distinct lack of shine, the next few days i was so busy with a family emergancy i never had time to look at the boots. About 3 days later i got round to inspecting the boots (id hurriedly left positive feedback) i gave them a good clean with a special leather soap/conditioner. you can imagine my shock when the sponge turned black after a few rubs of one of the boots. i couldnt believe it, this boot was covered in something that had been used to cover up how rough the leather felt, and how rediculously dull and grey like it was, i used a clean sponge on the second boot, but nothing came off. So after spending £70 on a pair of boots to wear to compete in that weekend, i was left with a pair of boots that would have made me a laughing stock, these boots couldnt look more different. Not only was i gutted that id spent money on a pair of boots that had been sold to me as being wearable as a pair, i didnt have time to buy a new pair before my big event, so there went a £100 entrance fee. As soon as i could a mailed the seller thinking they would admit to the problem and give me my money back (it was in the hope that theyd been a bit sneaky and disguised the boots but would offer a refund as they knew they were in the wrong). Well i was the one in the wrong, they were less than willing o give me the money back, saying they did not say the only difference was the dirt on the soles, now i had to laugh at this as when reading the item description back to members of the family, it was in big bold writing at the very top of the page quite clearly explaining that these boots were not a true pair, and the only way to tell is by the amount of dirt on the soles. There was no disputing what they had written it was there clear as day but they were adament they had not written it. After a discussion with prefessionals and family i decided i would dispute it with e bay, which is what i told the seller, they werent bothered. So i made the dispute saying i would settle for the full amount and close the case there and then, ther were given 10days to reply. Well, their professionalism was shown in the lack of a reply to e bay, but instead a childish catty comment saying 'total nutter, nags more than the mother in law', now you tell me surely nagging is when you carry on and on, i sent 2 e mails. Their mentality was finally starting to show, and ohh how i wished id not bought these boots, as this feedback comment was more a reflection on the type of person i was dealing with, rather than anything id done.  So i upped the dispute to a claim with pay pal. I had uploaded plenty of proof photos, and even pics of the sponge, as i was so gob smacked at the filth that came off the boot. They never asked for any proof, but gave these people another 10 days to reply, they replied at the end of day 9. The comments were reviewed and i was finally asked to send the boots back, and then id get my money. Now i have to say this bothered me some what, after the childish comments, and the lies to get out of paying i didnt trust this seller one bit not to deface the boots on recieving them to claim i sent them like this. So i took up my worries with paypal customer service who said ' my comment has been taken into consideration, and that if this does happen i should contact the police'. So i sent them back, after photoing my partner putting them in the box, this might seem a bit silly, but i didnt trust this seller. So i am now waiting to see what will happen with my money.

So my advice to anyone buying anything of value or importance is

-check the sellers other items

ie/ when looking back at the sellers other items, all the boots in the pictures were filthy, to me, if i wanted to sell an item i would clean them till they gleamed in order to show them off. this set alarm bells ringing. also a lot of the pictures of the same make of boots were identical, as in the boots were in exactly the same position were all facing the same way, there was absolutely no difference in the way the boots looked.

-always check previous feedback from other buyers, this will show you how other people have found this person

ie/ one girl had bought a rug, but hadnt been told about the big rip. and there had been a dispute about pay, although the buyer was in the wrong, the feedback comments from the seller were disgusting, there was just no need for such spiteful comments.

-get someone else to look at the picture of the item before you buy it.

ie/ after very close inspection after i bought the item there was a big difference in how the light bounced off each boot, the real shiny one really reflected the light, whereas the fake shiny one just didnt have that same glint, if you hadt seen the boots in the state they were after cleaning you wouldnt spot the difference in the photo, but when you are specifically looking for it, you can see a difference.

-never buy an item if you havent seen a picture of it

you will have no come back as to how the item should have looked, if you think the item doesnt reflect the description

-if in doubt, ring or mail the seller

i bought a saddle and after a week when it hadnt arrived i mailed the seller who then rang to explain the mix up, the saddle had arrived to them with a scuff on it, and as my item description said the saddle was new, they wouldnt send it to me, so asked the manufacturer to swap it. this is how a sop on e bay should treat its customers, they certainl;y shouldnt make sly, school kid comments.

- never leave feedback until you are 100% happy with the item, never leave one cos you are busy and might not have time to send it for a while. its best to wait than to rush into something

-if the worst does happen and you end up with something you didnt agree to buying, dont be aftraid to take up a dispute even if you dont think you will win, you wont lose anything by doing it, and it will make e bay aware of potential freudulent sellers

- also take plenty of pictures of the item that show the problem

take it from all different angles  so that it can be clearly seen what the problem is. never be afraid to take to many, as the more pictures you have the more proof you have

-another problem i had with my item is that the identity numbers had been scribbled out with permanant marker, therefore i couldnt look them up to see if these boots were even the same type, this was very suspicious. they would have had no reason to do this at all unless they were making more attempts to decieve me.

I hope that this makes people more cautious when buying on e bay, just cos the seller may be a shop and not a private seller it doesnt mean you can trust them more. If you see a comment on an item that makes you wonder then dont buy it, more often than not you will be right, also get more than one person to read through the item description and have a look at the pictures as then you will be more likely to come across a flaw in the description.

All i can say is that i have learnt a lot from this experience, and i dont make instinct buys , if the item goes cos i havent totally made up my mind then there will always be another item than comes along.

I hope that my experience will make people more aware of sellers who will go to any lengths in which to sell an item that they quickly want rid of. Of course there are shops out there who understand what customer care is and will go to any length to help there customer and make them happy, but for everyone of these there is a bad one. So never trust a seller and always always re read a description, and even copy and paste the item picture so that you can blow it up to a bigger size as this is a good way to show problems, the small e bay pics dont always show an item in its true light.

I am now awaiting the final decision as to whether i get my money back. Even though i am the person who has had the wrong done to them, not once has pay pal made this clear. they wont give me an email address to send my proof pics to, neither will they tell me why i have to send the boots back before its deffinate i will get a refund. So basically if i dont get my money back, then i want my boots back, but then i have the worry as to what state they will arrive in. Im being treated as the bad person in all this. I have made it quite clear that i can prove these boots are useless, but all i get is what seems to be be a standard letter, after looking at other disputes they all seem to get the same so called re assuring letter. As for the pay pals guidelines, well, they say that if a buyer makes a dispute and wins then the seller will either be banned from e bay for a set time or it will be made clear that this person has decieved a buyer, when i asked about this all i got told was that, 'i know its unfortunate that this is happening but unfortunately pay pal doesnt have the rights to stop a seller behaving in this way. If the seller carries on then i suggest you contact your local authorities and sort it that way'. So a seller can basically say and do what they want but pay pal cant ban them. Whether this is true or not i dont know, i will update you when i find out. But im left with an imperfect feedback, £170 out of pocket, and with no boots to compete in. and now the seller has the boots back to potentially sell on to some other poor sole. How can this be justified? I have all the evidence sat here and yet pay pal would rather go on the comments as to whether i have a claim or not. The guidelines for rogue sellers needs to be re thought so that they dont feel they will get away with selling any old rubbish. Many people see shops on e bay as the main front, as they sell the most products and have a constant stream of items going through e bay, so surely if these people are behaving in a way that makes a mockery of what e bay stands for, then they should have some sort of ban or warning that shows so that this doesnt happen again.

Good luck buyers of e bay, and i hope non of you have to go through this ordeal.

I will leave you with some pics of my boots so you can see why i am so unhappy


29th August (update)

I have been informed by E Bay that i will be getting my money back including the p & p when i bought the item but not the p & p to send it back, but im happy that i was in the right, so to harleydotdog, dont con people it causes a lot of upset and gives you a bad reputation, it makes it worse that you tried to cover up the fact that the boots are in no way alike.

An example of some boots with comments that dont reflect the picture. If you want to buy an item that looks like this and has these comments DONT.

condition as new.

light use excellant condition.

only been worn a couple of times. as new.

very light use.

only worn a couple of times. as new condition.

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