Reclaim Bank Charges Don't get Ripped Off

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I've noticed that there appear to be a few people trying to get on the bank charges bandwagon.  They even have the audacity to actually CHARGE for this service.  When all they are doing is providing you with material that is FREELY available on the web.

Don't get ripped off.  In most cases, the template letters etc that these people have all come from the same place - self help forums that YOU can join for FREE.

If you buy stuff like this from ebay, chances are, you are buying material that is copyrighted.  And not owned by those who are selling.  You are also on your own in your attempt to recover YOUR money from your bank.  So who do you turn to for help and advice when your bank tells you that they aren't going to refund your cash?  Certainly not the scammer who has sold you the info in the first place.

My suggestion then is simple.  Just Google "bank charges", and you will instantly have access to a wealth of information, all of it free, to allow you to challenge your bank.  Better still, by joining one of these online forums, you will have the help and support of THOUSANDS of people who have successfully taken on their banks, and WON.

I can't recommend any particular forum here in this review, but as a Consumer, you will quickly spot how best to take Action by joining one of these Groups.  And you won't have had to pay for the advice either.

Good luck with your claim.

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