Recommended Engine Priming and Break-In Procedures for Camshafts

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In order to give your new camshaft and lifters the best possible chance to make it through the first critical moments of operation upon initial start-up and provide a long, trouble-free service life, the following is recommended.

Pre lube by one of the following methods:

Best, Pressure tank system: The pressure tank system is by far the best method of making sure all the air is purged from the oil galleys. Pre lube until oil is seen at the rocker arms.

Next best, spinning the oil pump: Using a priming tool, turn the pump with a drill until oil is seen at the rocker arms.

Least desirable, free spinning the engine: Remove the spark plugs and turn the engine with the starter until oil pressure is shown on the gauge.

Before starting: Set the timing and be sure fuel is in the carburetor or injection system before cranking. This will assure the engine starts with the least amount of cranking.

Start the engine: After the engine starts, check for oil pressure and bring RPM to 1,500 -2,000. If the pressure is good, run the engine at this RPM range for 20 minutes. After his run-in period, final adjustments can be made and the engine can be put in service.


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