Recover Exchange 2003 public folder

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Restoring an Exchange Public Folder can be problematic at best.
Everyone on the 'net' is saying 'do a recovery server restore'.
MS say restore procedure for Exchange 2003 Public store is same as for Exchange 2000.
From past experience; Just restoring the public folder store doesn't work (on exch 2k) and the store fails to start with log file inconsistent. If I remember correct from when I tried this at Karma, you have to restore BOTH Priv and Pub at the same time. However I recolect that the databases still didn't start as the stores log/tracking/sequence number was inconsistent with that in the 'exchange directory'..
As this is integrated into AD, my guess is that you have to restore not just Priv and Pub, but AD as well.... Somewhat a bit brutal!!!!!!

Attempts at 'restore deleted items' for PF fail with something allong the lines of:
"outlook was unable to complete the restore. some of the... not restored... contact your administrator"

Accessing the PF deleted item list is very strange (in it's own right). Outlook is context sensitive to which folder you have currently selected. Highlighting the folder 'just above' the one that was deleted reveals the deleted item in 'recover deleted items'.

Tried doing restore as administrator, but errored out.
Tried logging on as the users.. all errored out..
Suspect that you have to grant the users create etc permissions for the PF root, then find the user who actually deleted the item and do it from their account..

Found an interesting workround...
Some websites etc had been hinting that the 'recover deleted items' was more reliable from OWA.
However OWA has no link, button or method to access the 'recover deleted items' for Public Folders.
This I worked round by doing the following..

Login to OWA
In the Address bar type
Hey presto.. 'recover deleted items' for that folder.... AND IT WORKED!!!!
Thoughts are that this works in SP1 of Exchange 2003 due to a security flaw that is fixed in SP2..
Danmed poor showing if it is...
Tried this on our server, which is SP2 (I think) and this does appear to work....

David Barnes 10/02/06

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